protection against negative energy and entities

Protocol of protection against negative energy and entities

A protocol has been developed to protect against astral plane reptilian infection, as well as against negative energies and entities. 

This protocol will help you stay protected on every plane you exist upon. It is great for protection before sleep. You can also use it to protect others with their permission. Once you have practiced this protocol, you can manifest it instantly for your energy work, meditations and daily protection rituals, etc. 


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself while directing your consciousness inward to your inner-being. 

2. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place you inside a sphere of its transformative light. Ask it to clear your physical body, plasma body, etheric body, astral body, and mental body, all your energy bodies from negative thoughts coming both from you and outside sources. Ask it to transmute any psychic attacks, curses and black magic, and any source that does not wish you well. Ask it to remove negative technology interference, as well as demonic parasitic entities and Invisibles including feeding tubes and tendrils. Ask all of the above be instantly transmuted into pure white light, and demand the attacks be permanently stopped. 

3. While keeping the sphere of the Violet Flame active, next invoke the White Fire of AN to activate a pillar of White Fire descending through the top of your head, down through your central chakra channel, and anchoring into the center of the Earth. Ask the White Fire to seal and heal all holes, tears, and rips in your energy field caused by anything previously attached to you which caused harm. Ask the White Fire to heal all triggers, traumas, and wounds you have experienced in your life, reversing any damage, and strengthening your body and energy field. Ask the White Fire to nullify all implants. The White Fire of AN is now empowering you with its high-frequency Light properties. Take deep breaths to inhale this multidimensional Light deep into your being, as it gives you mental clarity and the ability to access higher wisdom. Use this White Fire of AN to override all lower beliefs, behaviors, and concepts that are not from a Divine Source. 

4. Now ask the White Fire of AN to create a sacred geometry form called a dodecahedron around your entire being. See it glowing with brilliant White Fire filled with opalescent rainbow particles. Ask it to slowly rotate in a clockwise direction activating a vortex of Light around you. It radiates with healing and protection. The dodecahedron empowers you with its qualities of removing obstacles and allows the organic flow of your energy bodies or Lightbody to commence naturally. It assists in transforming and elevating your consciousness to a higher vibration. It assists you to seal off your energy fields from any intrusions, illusions, and dark attacks, keeping the body and mind clear from interference and negative or controlling thought-forms. 

5. Once you have fully activated the dodecahedron made of the White Fire of AN, then ask the sphere of Violet Flame previously placed around you, to transform into a 3-dimensional sphere known as the Flower of Life. 

Visualize its sacred geometry form fully encompassing the dodecahedron with you inside. You are now inside two complete spheres. The Violet Flame Flower of Life is energizing and protective. Ask it to instantly transmute and purify anything from any source that may try to cause you harm. Ask it now to slowly rotate anti-clockwise around the dodecahedron of White Fire of AN. The two spheres moving in opposite directions create a powerful barrier against anything that tries to intrude and cause a problem. As they spin in their prospective directions, they generate an intense energy field of Light or a force field that activates your energy bodies with a high frequency torsion field of Light. This keeps you safely protected. It also assists your inner-work to clear patterns/beliefs, illusions, and programs that do not serve you and helps to assist your Ascension process. 

6. Next you can ask this energy field to cloak you from anything that does not serve you, and/or that does not serve the Light. So be it, and so it is. 

Victory of the Light!