Ascension & Planetary Evacuation


The actual Ascension happens when we release all blockages to the energy flow and reach superconductivity of our mental, emotional, etheric, plasma and physical bodies. 

After the Event, the vast majority of Lightworkers will go through a massive healing process with much assistance from positive energies, angels and Light forces. There is a lot of self-healing work that needs to be done, and it is expected that when the Galactic Pulse arrives, about 2000 people will be ready to Ascend in the first wave of Ascension which will coincide with the Galactic Superwave and the planetary Evacuation. The second and third wave is expected to take place after the planetary evacuation for those who come back to planet earth.

This is the estimate, the time frame of the plan may change with situation change.

Planetary Evacuation

After the Event, the Pleiadians will start creating Islands of Light on the surface with their technology, and these will be the only really peaceful zones on the planet, when the rest of human society will go through a rather brutal awakening process. This period is expected to take a few years, and then the Galactic superwave hits the planet.

The Portal: Situation Update (

Genuine and reliable instructions for the evacuation at the moment of the polar shift available in alternative media:

Steps of Planetary Evacuation

step 1: Evacuation of souls of light in the first 15 minutes

step 2: Evacuation of children

Step 3: Evacuation of all remaining souls within less than 15 minutes

This is NOT the end of the world, the better is to come after this [continue]