Amazing Enzyme

Amazing Enzyme

A natural all-purpose enzyme liquid without added chemical

Amazyme eco enzyme is a complex solution produced by fermentation of good quality fresh kitchen green (fruit and vegetable waste), sugar (brown sugar, raw sugar or molasses) and water. It usually has a pleasant sweet sour fermented scent.

Amazyme is a multipurpose liquid, and its applications cover household, agriculture, animal care etc. etc.

Eco enzyme is developed by Dr. Rosukon from Thailand. Dr. Rosukon has been actively involved in enzyme research for more than 30 years and she encourages people to make eco enzyme at home to save our environment.


Home garden use:

Improve soil structure and soil health, break down chemical and revitalize beneficial soil microorganism – dilution rate: 1:1000, water the soil or spray

Pest control- proved to kill aphids at dilution rate 1:50-1:100 and spray aphids on affected leaves

Facilitate composting – by adding directly to compost heap while building up the heap


Household use:  

Washing dishes, cleaning oily surface, dilution rate 1: 1 – 1:5

Cleaning furniture, dilution rate 1:10 – 1:20

Toilet cleaner, dilute 1:1 to 1:2 and spray toilet bowl

Plumbing/ septic tank: pour 250ml enzyme liquid into toilet bowl


More use and examples:

We can help to organize DIY Enzyme workshop in your area when there are more than 3 people interested to participate.

To register your interest please send us an email at and write ‘Enzyme workshop’ and your suburb on the subject line. 

Household Use of Enzyme




Washing vegetables

Add 1-2 caps into water and soak the fruit and vegetable for 45 minutes

Get rid of chemical residues, heavy metal and bug eggs

Personal use - Washing hair

1 part each of shampoo and enzyme, 5 parts of water, wait for 24 hours before use

Healthier scalp, nourishing, stop itchness and easy to clean

Personal use -Washing face

Mix 1 part of enzyme with 10-20 parts of lotion, wait for 24 hours before use

Deep cleansing, relief from acne

Personal use - teeth

Mix 1 part of enzyme with 10-20 parts of toothpaste, or spray enzyme onto toothbrush, and add a few drops of enzyme into the water

Relief from periodontal disease

Household use- dish and laundry


Mix 1 part of enzyme with 1 part of cleaner and 2 to 5 parts of water, wait for 24 hours before use

Enhance cleaning effect, no harm to hands, no pollution to waterway

Household use -cleaning floor and furniture

Dilute 1 part of enzyme into 1,000 parts of water, or add 1-2 caps into a bucket of water

Refreshing the air, getting rid of odour

Household use- clean oily surface

Mix 1 part of enzyme, 1 part of baking soda and 1-5 parts of water (depends on how heavy the oil is) wait for 24 hours, soak or spray the oily item

Easily remove heavy oil without stinky smell, does not harm hands

Toilet cleaner

Dilute 1 part of enzyme with 1-2 parts of water and spray onto toilet bowl

Clean and fresh

Homemade cleaner for non oily surface

Dilute 1 part of enzyme with 10-20 parts of water, use on ceramic surface, water tank, glass, mirror and stainless steel surface

Clean without harming skin

Air freshener for car or inside of house

Dilute 1 part of enzyme with 500 to 1,000 parts of water and spray or add to humidifier

Remove odour, increase oxygen level, refreshing air

Odour removing and purifying air from CH2O Formaldehyde 

Method 1: dilute 1:500 to wipe polluted area

Method 2: place multiple containers of enzyme in the place with lid closed

Remove odour, purify environment


Dilute 1 to 500-1,000 for irrigation or spray

Improve soil texture and condition and nutrition


Dilute 500-1,000 times for bathing, spraying and drinking

Remove odour, reduce chance of parasite infection


Pour 250ml of enzyme into toilet bowl

Reduce odour, improve sewage environment

EMF reduction

Place 20 Litre container of enzyme next to electronic devices

Reduce EMF harm



Personal Use of Eco Enzyme




Periodontitis, Mouth Ulcer, Halitosis

Use concentrate or dilute 1-3 times with water, soak the mouth for 3-5 minutes, for 3-5 times a day

Anit-inflammatory and pain relief, freshen breath

Soar, swollen throat

Use concentrate or dilute 1-3 times with water, wash the throat 3-5 times a day

Anit-inflammatory and pain relief


apply concentrate on the acne or use 1-2 times dilution (not suitable for people with fruit acid allegies)

Anti-inflammatory and acne removal

Insect bites, dermatitis, eczema

Apply concentrate on infected area directly

Germicidal, stops itching, some dermatitis or eczema; symptoms may become more serious after use, which is a detoxing process, keep using it will become well

Cuts and wounds

Apply concentrate on wounds or soak in concentrate liquid directly

Quickly stop bleeding; Decomposes and eliminates wound necrotic cells; Anti-inflammatory and swell, quick repair and healing

Stiff neck, lumbar muscle strain, joint pain

Apply concentrate on soar place, massage the area if applicable

Anti-inflammatory and swelling, pain relief

Diabetic foot, nail fungus, severe athlete's foot

Warm the concentrate liquid to below 40C degree, soak feet a few times a day do not wash off after soaking feet, no need to change liquid unless it gets dirty, cover up after use

Healing from these symptoms

Normal foot bath

Dilute 500 – 1,000 times below 40C degree, soak feet for more than 15 minutes


Other Use of Enzyme




Horticulture – vegetable, flower growing

Pest control: dilution rate 1:100, spray for 3-5 days

Kills aphids, pest repellent

Dilute 1:500-1,000, spray once a week

Improve nutrient uptake, Decomposes hazardous substance residues

Dilute 1:1,000 irrigate for 3 months

Improve soil quality

Live stock farming

Dilute 1:500-1,000, spray and drink

Green farming, deodorization, reduce diseases

Pool water purification, sewage treatment

Dilute 1:10,000-100,000, once a week

Improve the environment and decompose harmful substances in sewage

Rubbish landfill, public area

Dilute 1:500-10,000 and spray often

Remove odors and reduce mosquitoes

Eco Enzyme DIY

Container: plastic container with lid, bigger lid is better

Materials: water, fresh green waste (vegetable, fruit peels) without oil and soil, raw sugar

Ratio: 10:3:1 (by weight)

10 parts water                                                        3 parts green                                        1 part raw sugar

Fill (60% of container)


Plastic container size


Greens (fruit, vegetable)

Raw sugar




3 L

1.8 L (1.8kg)



4 L

2.4L (2.4kg)



5 L

3L (3kg)



10 L

6L (6kg)




Important notes:

·       Do not use glass container and metal containers or plastic containers less than 3L

·       If using container with small lids, do not tighten the lid too much in the first month, it is necessary to release the gas (keep away from small children’s reach)

·       It is suggested to use a balloon or a plastic sheet in place of a lid in the beginning month, to reduce the daily tasks of releasing gas

·       In the beginning stage, it is necessary to stir in the solids every now and then to keep them soaked in the water

·        For better scent, mix in skin of lemon, orange, mandarin or pineapple

·       Mark the day of starting, write blessing words like love, thank you etc.

·       Store in room temperature in shade, ferment for 3 months at about 25C degree, it takes longer if temperature is lower

·       The white layer on top of the liquid is enzyme mother, it is normal

·       There is no expiry date to the enzyme, the longer the better

·       Eco enzyme is for external use only, not for drinking

The following article is translated from

What diseases does fruit enzymes have a conditioning effect on?
4 years ago

Enzyme science popularization - Health care expert

Enzyme Q&A

Yesterday, we talked about the combination of fruit enzymes. Many people came to ask about the effect of enzymes on various specific inflammations. Here, I will give you a summary based on the case feedback of many enzyme fermenters.

★ Enzyme and cholesterol

Cholesterol deposition on the artery wall is a unique phenomenon in humans, while wild animals that eat raw food have no arteriosclerosis. Proper supplementation of enzymes by the human body can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, so people with high cholesterol can definitely try it.

★ Enzymes and high blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes responds better to enzyme supplementation. By eating raw or taking fruit enzymes, the dose of insulin can be reduced. However, if you want to reduce sugar and blood pressure by supplementing enzymes to achieve the ideal rehabilitation effect, you also need comprehensive conditioning of the body.

Diabetics with type I can also repair beta cells in the pancreas through enzymes and activate tissue function to help increase insulin synthesis ability.

★ Enzymes and arthritis

Studies have shown that rheumatoid arthritis may be related to the inability of the small intestine to perfectly handle protein digestion, and enzymes have good results on rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthritis and adipose fibrosis.

For the "freezing three feet is not a day's cold" arthritis, using enzyme products to help recovery will be a long process (for example, 6-9 weeks), because "the disease comes like a mountain, and the disease goes like a thread".

★ Enzymes and skin diseases

Skin is also one of the excretion organs of the human body. Skin diseases are mostly related to the accumulation of poison and immune factors in the body. When there are too many toxins in the body, it will cause some unexplained skin diseases when it is excreted through the skin.

Enzymes can help the human body enhance metabolic function and improve immunity; with the help of enzymes to break down and remove these toxins, skin disease symptoms will disappear naturally. Enzymes are indeed good for the smooth maintenance of the skin. As for the whitening effect, there is no clear case for the time being.

★ Enzymes and blood vessels, fatty liver, hypertension

Enzymes can break down the fat deposited in the blood vessels and the walls of the blood vessels, make the blood smooth, repair the elasticity of the blood vessels, and reduce blood pressure. The principle of improvement of enzymes for the three highs is fundamentally different from that of drug treatment, and the enzymes have no side effects.

★ Enzyme and hypotension

Strictly speaking, enzymes have the effect of automatically regulating physiological functions. For patients with hypertension, enzymes can lower blood pressure, while for patients with low blood pressure, it is the opposite. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly understand the principle of enzyme: enzyme is not a drug, it is just a living substance that the human body needs. The exogenous supplement is to improve the self-healing ability of the human body.

★ Enzyme and white hair, hair loss

Enzymes improve the whole body condition, including hair and scalp problems. Please remember that enzymes are the human elements that fundamentally regulate human health and physiology, not drugs that treat headaches and feet.

★ Enzymes and severe and terminally ill patients

Doctors in the "Hospice Ward" in Taiwan will advise their families to eat enzymes for advanced terminally ill patients, because a large amount of clinical evidence shows that enzymes have a definite effect on alleviating pain, increasing nutritional intake, improving their quality of life, and prolonging their lives.

★ Enzymes and gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers

Enzymes have a complete and surprising effect on the treatment of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, because ulcer disease is mainly a disease of erosion caused by the abnormal secretion of gastric acid and intestinal walls.

The key to this cause is abnormal gastric acid secretion, but the general treatment only focuses on the treatment of the ulcer part, or uses drugs to neutralize gastric acid and ignores the root cause of adjusting gastric acid secretion.

Because enzymes have an excellent function of adjusting endocrine, they directly act on the gastrointestinal tract. Eating enzymes can effectively adjust the secretion of gastric acid to make it normal, which will have an immediate effect. This is the fundamental cure.

As for the ulcer part, it is easy to use the strong anti-inflammatory effect of enzymes. If you are sure that you have an ulcer part, the effect will be better after eating enzymes.

★ Enzymes and constipation, hemorrhoids

Enzyme to remove constipation is well-known, and enzymes are also effective for hemorrhoids. Generally, the so-called hemorrhoids include anal fissure, hemorrhoids, anal prolapse and other symptoms and complications. The most obvious inflammation is repeated hemorrhoids, which is a disease that will push and flow out of the anus.

The cause of hemorrhoids is mainly a symptom of long-term contraction of the sphincter of the anus, to the expansion and rupture of blood vessels in the sphincter muscles, and blood clotting or necrosis. Generally, people with constipation and long-term in chairs are most likely to suffer from this disease.

The treatment method is not a fundamental solution. The most important thing is to solve constipation first. Enzymes can help adjust gastrointestinal function, accelerate intestinal peristalsis, and improve constipation.

★ Enzymes and acne

Acne is a normal phenomenon of strong hormone secretion for young men and women, but when dealing with the secretions in the hair follicles, it is easy to be infected by bacteria, which makes the hair follicles inflamed and become "acne", which is troublesome.

If it is not handled properly and each capillary hole is inflamed, the most effective and safe way is to use the internal and external attack method. On the one hand, take enzymes to expel the secretions in the hair follicles from the body. On the other hand, use the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial function of enzymes to improve the body's own bactericidal ability and "kill pimples" by applying externally. Using enzymes to remove acne is the most ideal cure.
★ Enzymes and residual drug poisons in the body

The so-called drug damage refers to the residue of toxins in the body after the use of drugs, poisoning the cells of other organs, and then other different diseases, followed by a vicious circle. This is a common phenomenon among people who use drugs for a long time. The use of drugs should be able to take the right medicine, and receive the effect of the medicine to eliminate the disease, otherwise it will be endlessly harmful.

In fact, many diseases are caused by the lack of certain enzymes in the body, which causes serious metabolic disorders. If you blindly use drugs for treatment, it will not only be useless, but will aggravate the condition. Supplementing enzymes to assist in healing is the most fundamental and effective way to maintain health.

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