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Galactic Codex

The Galactic Codex represents the legal basis for all actions of the Confederation in this and other galaxies. This Codex is not a rigid set of external laws but a systematized code of inner ethics of all souls of Light that all beings of Light accept with their free will because it reflects their inner truth.[Read more]


The EVENT refers to a series of events happen when there's a breakthrough in both the non-physical plane and the physical plane in our planet, it's the doorway to the new Atlantis- heaven on earth.[Read more]

First Contact with benevolent galactic beings 

Some time after the EVENT, when humanity are ready, the official first contact with benevolent galactic beings will be arranged. [Read more]

Ascension and Planetary Evacuation

The first wave of ascension will happen at the same time of the planetary evacuation when the Earth is going through physical polar shift and tsunami. [Read more]

New Atlantis

After going through the big transition, mother Gaia will be purified and ready to welcome those who are prepared to build the New Atlantis on Earth.