Chiang Mai Ascension conference notes

Chiang Mai Ascension conference notes

Chiang Mai Ascension Conference Notes

11 November 2023

Disclaimer: This is my interpretation of the information given by Cobra at Chiang Mai ascension conference, it is not the exact wordings of what Cobra said; some information has been omitted either because it’s duplicate of the previous conference, or because I wasn’t able to write fast enough and missed it.

Please also compare with other participant's notes for a complete understanding.

These notes has not yet been approved by Cobra. 

Everybody welcome to the ascension conference. We will be having some very strong energy work within today and tomorrow, I will also release important intels.

You can share notes, adding ‘ this is my interpretation of Cobra’s words’

First we will align our energy:

Close your eyes, watch your breath coming in and out by doing so you relax

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your physical body; as you breath out, release anything you don’t need anymore, all blockages just let go; breath in brilliant white light into your physical body, as your breath out, radiant that light from your physical body to your surroundings;

Use the same breathing skills to your plasma body, etheric body, astral/emotional body, mental body;

Breath in brilliant white light into your totality, breath out this white light into your surroundings, as you are doing this, you begin to realize you are a being of light, I AM a being of light; confirm this by singing mantra “OM” 3 times.

As a being of light we connect with other beings of light in this group, visualize our group as a big being of light, and confirm this by singing mantra OM 3 times;

As a being of light we connect with other beings of light on our planet, creating a network of light until all darkness, wars, sufferings end, until all planet become a being of light, sing mantra OM 3 times to confirm this;

We can visualize our galaxy, milky way as a double being of stars, eacho of these stars are a point of light in the galactic network of light, each star sending light to our solar system and planet earth; our solar system and planet earth is the last spot of darkness; there is a prophecy, there will be a time the galactic network of light be completed, that time is now, confirm this by singing mantra OM 3 times;

Visualize a pillar of blue light emernating from the sky to the centre of the earth, aligning our group to the purpose of this conference and protecting our group; visualize and feel that light going through your all being;

Now visualize the violet flame coming down from the sky anticlockwise, going through you and removing and releasing anything that needs to be released and removed, then going to the centre of the earth, purifying and aligning us with the Source; stay in this process for a few moments;

Slowly you are coming back, aware of your body, the air around you, the ground under your feet…

Again visualize a pillar of blue light coming from the sky going through our group, aligning us with the purpose of this conference.

Welcome everybody to this conference, the purpose of this conference is the final victory of the light!

In your various lifetimes, you have developed skills which will be useful in the end of cycle, I believe in this lifetime; we are all in the process of breaking through, ending the darkness of this planet, this process requires advanced skills.

Many beings are called to participate, only a few responded, so everyone is taking many people’s tasks, the skills developed in our past lives are very useful.

Also we are subjected to several control and programmings:

  1. The implanting and mind programming form the foundation of control of this planet;
  2. Emotional programme of our children, to accept all emotion from our parents, these are imprinted in our memory;
  3. Education system, the majority of people accept what is taught, only very few question about it; the psychology in the population is people want to be liked by people around, the need of conformity is the foundation why quarantine for the past 26,000 years was possible; some people question have ascended, people in this room chose to stay behind;
  4. The programings lead to people only see a small portion of reality; example are elephant interpreted by different people who only see a small part of an elephant; all we see from the night sky is only a very tiny fraction of the galaxy; even scientific endeavour were limited, because the control system guides scientists not to expand research too much around our galaxy.;
  5. Cobra’s experience outside of the veil- earth is not flat; beautiful universe outside of the planet.

Later I will explain how this earth prison is created, and how to dissolve it.



-          Restructing will resent the full facts in this universe

-          Will reset the life on this planet as well

-          Universe is a rotating torus, contracting and expanding (picture)

-          We are entering a new cosmic cycle

-          Main stream scientists notice end of cosmic cycle

-          The moment is now, source energy can come into the universe and interfere



Please refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes


Please refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes

No body expected so many layers of darkness need clearing;

Earth was chosen as a focal point of transformation, DF chose to move all dark weapon and technologies here;

LF began activate certain secret goals;

Solar system is located on one of the filament close to the opening of a star gate, busy traffic;

Planet earth is the most bright planet in this galaxy

When the Galactic C began to notice this,  began to send secret codes, special stones are to be activated when time is right.

The first stone is cintamani from the Sirius star system, it is to be activated, it holds and transmits energy of the Event;

We have started many years ago the cintamani project, this is one of the projects of St Germain- New Atlantis; St Germain contacted Cobra years ago to prepare planet network of light – many layers of it, physical, etheric etc. and to transmit light from star systems and Galactic Central Sun;

Cintamani grid assist  in healing and liberation process, preventing premature collapse; certain groups with strong light worker teams had done a lot: Japan, Taiwan, China, Europe

Results: area with strong grid are protected against cyclones, air quality becomes better;

Cintamani stones anchor light, but they are not activated yet; when time is right, they will be activated by ATVOR technology, everything increase drastically;

Sirius will also transmit energy through Cintamani stones;

Galactic cintamani stones are more powerful, so I have to introduce it gradually

Galactic cintamani stones have important role in the Event, they intercept energy from the galactic central sun and stabilize the energy, so that polar shift do not happen too soon;

The LF convey that it is now time to begin planting galactic cintamani stone, especially in the old equator;

Galactic central sun will begin emitting strong goddess energy when enough anomaly is removed;

Galactic cintamani stones are connectec to galactic central race, to goddess Iona; galactic central race are the builder race, started galactic confederation;

Pleiadean brought moldavite stone millions of years ago;

 St Germain has taken control of the surface and subsurface activities; Ashtar take control of the space;

Many in the LF had war trauma in the past year in rescuing children, in flight battels, etc, 80% have left Solar system to heal; only the most qualified race remain; Solar system has declared war zone to remove all darkness;

The 1221 team, many we had connected before are left, no longer here, the size of the team have reduced but more efficient;

Tibetan techtites: cannot say more about it now

Other stones to be discovered when time is right

It is 11:11, close your eyes for  a moment to receive the energy of 11:11

11:11 is the code of transition from duality to oneness; today is 1111, we choose this day for this conference

Pleiadeans contacted Cobra years ago to build tachyon chamber, tachyon particles come directly from the galactic central sun; because of the DF’s quarantine, very few tachyon particles can travel to this planet, they are intercepted in ionosphere; tachyon chamber is built to enable surface people to receive tachyon particles;


Please refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes

A galaxy is a high being of consciousness, each has a galactic central sun, the heart of the galaxy, it pulses the similar way as human hearts, each time a pulse the galactic central sun changes its magnetic polarity.

  • where we are now (Chiang Mai) is expected to be the new north pole after actual shift happen.
  • Next solar maximum is going to be very strong, most likely LF will not allow polar shift to happen in this solar maximum
  • Galactic pulse is likely to happen in next solar maximum in 2037, but the Event will happen soon
  • Cobra’s educated guess: Event will happen in 2024-2025, unlikely at the end of 2023
  • The Event will not wait for all humanity to be ready
  • LF will remove DF, 400,000,000 psychopath to be arrested and removed, but the Event will not remove all of them, most will be in retreat, main bad guys will be removed
  • After the Event, humanity has a few years to rebuild society
  • 1st island of light will be created, the most awakened will be ready to move
  • Pleiadeans as a race decided to have less involvement in the liberation of this planet, collectively they retreat, will no longer be the 1st race in contact with human, will work with individual or groups in healing, and in island of light
  • Another race will be introduced when time is right
  • Pleiadeans will participate most in contact dish protocol, also that other race
  • Ascension process will start in island of light; only the most awakened being will be allowed to stay on earth after the polar shift, earth is going to be very beautiful

Q & A (not all Q &A are written down as some are not understandable or not heard clearly)


2025 is an important portal accelerate things drastically one way or the other we don’t know.

  • Most astrologist don’t understand,  entrance of Pluto into the Aquarius, it is not the raise of AI, but the first contact
  • In the beginning of June 2023 before Pluto exit Aquarius, crash in some US banks and disclosure of ET life started
  • Escalation of situation in GAZA , on 5 October 2023 RM made 1st direct intervention on planet surface, rescued 100,000 children
  • Pluto rapidly transmute what is left in the hands of DF
  • June- October 2024 movement toward first contact is expected (Pluto in Aquarius)
  • Then Pluto exit for 2 months, intense purification of financial and political system expected
  • Expect next year 2024 intense disclosure in first contact, also financial system become more unstable
  • Of course Cabal may try using Centralized banking system but may not success; in Nigeria they tried but failed
  • Cabal are no longer rational, not using strategy anymore, they are getting crazy; Galactic central’s energy is more intense, also to clear darkness accumulated thousands of years
  • Another aspect: spiritual awakening, especially 2025; energy of ‘homaya’ new age
  • Astrological alignment similar to 500 years ago’s renaissance
  • The DF are not able to stop these energy of the planets, it is far more than what DF can do, but DF create as much trouble as they can
  • Now – 2025, huge potential, huge unstable; not yet reached the point for a safe transition
  • May or June 2024 and October – November 2024’s astrological alignment lead to huge awakening
  • Ukraine war took place the same day of the sign of defeat of US, US indirectly involved in Ukraine war
  • Jan 2020 Corono virus was aiming to delay the financial crash, and launder more money for the financial system to last a few more years
  • Another aspect: Sirius orbit pattern, Sirius will send stronger energy especially in 2025 activating cintamani stones
  • All these star patterns lead to greater effect
  • Doorway of 11:11’s purpose: completion of duality
  • There’s a huge doorway going to open
  • Reason this conference is on 11 November: using this doorway energy to complete duality

From Q&A:

  • Pleiadeans mainly will work with light workers
  • During every solar maximum, also the opportunity to activate kundalini energy, so every 12 years there’s a kundalini activation
  • Confirm if one being fully connected to the higherself, can liberate the planet
  • Healing rays can help deflect scaler technology
  • Violet shield can remove negative plasma from energy field


11 November 2023 afternoon

From Q & A:

  • Matching Iching predition from Feb 2024, women of 35-45 years old can be leader of sisterhood of the roses and bring goddess energy to the planet
  • Each colour of light represent a certain ray, while light includes all rays
  • Etheric plane of earth mostly clear, people can partly remember soul mission after death, no one goes to mothership after death (not sure whether heard clearly)


Please refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes

Explanation of why liberation of planet earth takes so long.

  • Quarantine was created 26,000 years ago when DF decided to use earth as the stronghold, they use strong technology based on scaler field and electronic field and shut down multiple portals so LF cannot access. LF either exited out or go underground.
  • Everybody who entered during the last 26,000 years has to get permission by the DF
  • So ET contact drastically reduced; in the last 5,000 years ET contact are very little, some ET influence earth people by telepathy
  • DF strengthen the quarantine in 1996, some might remember 1994-1995 more ET contact than since 1996
  • At the end of cycle now, most technologies are removed already form the solar system, underground has liberated, but the planet surface is still mostly controlled by DF
  • 26,000 years ago Chimira had given mandate to the black nobility to control and manage this planet, now Chimira has gone, the black nobility is the main one stopping the liberation of the planet, also the other one is the sub quantum anomaly and lurker
  • Modern physics thinks the random fluctuation of quantum field come from nowhere, and nothing smaller than plank length exist; actually fluctuation emergy from subquantum space outside of space-time, and distorted space-time.


  • The original/primary Lurker is an  entity created in the beginning of time, the moment the Source began to realise primary anomaly exist, Source decided to project part of itself into it to understand it, thus duality is created- separation from the source- dark and light duality
  • Source projected individualized into different creations, difference space-time, some individual decided to go into subquantum anomaly and became lurker
  • 1996, lurker show themselves, and DF use it to its full extend
  • All lurker except the primary lurker are dissolved, now we are dealing with this primary lurker
  • The primary lurker uses quantum anomaly to disadvantage, influence the whole universe
  • Murphy’s law = lurker using quantum field to distort and divert time line, because lurker uses quantum entanglement with all levels of universe
  • Most mental confusion, negative experience, negative event, negative emotion are engineered by lurker
  • On the planet surface, influence by lurker is very strong, delaying the Event
  • For example: LF rescue children from black nobility castles, after that the war in Isreal happened, because luker manipulate people to make that decision
  • Event can only happen when these influence are mostly removed, otherwise some people will freakout when Event happens, causing large side effect
  • So LF is waiting for the right moment. If trigger Event now, it will be lots of mass all over the planet, so it is not recommended; it is not possible to prevent 100% bad effect but 99%
  • LF cannot contact light worker, because DF can retaliate; e.g. LF helping 1, 10 will be killed; it is energetically not in our favor yet
  • GAZA war is a mass sacrifice about children

What we do now

  • Stabilize the energy grid of the planet
  • If light grid is stable, wars are not possible; if light workers over the last 10 years cooperate and stabilize the grid, wars are not possible
  • This is why we have cintamani, Tachyon chamber, Sisterhood of the Roses group etc, these are to stabilize the grid, this is a project of St. Germain
  • The more the grid is stable, the better for everybody
  • LF uses Mjolnir technology to dissolve subquantum anomaly every second, lurker is loosing its power.
  • Mjolnir is working at 5% of its volumn, a few weeks ago LF used 20%, and the lurker freaked out.
  • Very shortly the Source will began direct intervention, lurker will be absorbed back into the Source, duality will stop; when that happens, Cobra will pose in his blog; we are finally at final stage of going home
  • When Source interfere with lurker, light will come back

From Q & A

  • Negative thought planting from 3 sources: there’s still some etheric negative entities around, the negative scaler technology still working, lurker’s influence
  • When financial systems collapse, how can we protect ourselves? – Answer: you are not completely connected to the system, use law of manifestation regardless of what outside system is doing
  • Luker will need to lose its power for LF’s interfere  to be safe, whole humanity is in hostage situation, if LF contact/help anyone, 10 others will be killed by DF


Please refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes

From Q & A:

  • Beyond quarantine average IQ is 140, not less than 120, because of no anomaly to that degree, no suppression
  • When enough anomaly is removed, LF’s space ship can be seen clearly like a car we see now

Scalar matrix diagram (ommited here)

Control system:

  • Scalar megnectic field; if you use a device to read it, it magnectic field show zero in reading, but it is very intense actually
  • Scalar field is all over the planet, there are many layers of these technology
  • HAARP stations : prevent tachyon particles from reaching planet surface
  • U.S.A.F. & tracking system: using satellites to monitor real time movement; seen by satellite, sent to super computer, then signal sent to cell phone towers, which send micro wave to the brain and signal to computer
  • RM began to dismantle negative technology a few weeks ago
  • Many negative thoughts can be sent from cellphone tower to the brain

Targeted individuals diagram (ommited here)

  • Individually chosen, may use physical harassment, use satellites, can cause death
  • Many light workers are targeted, RM began dismantling this
  • Now DF’s list is shorter, less light workers are being attacked, those targeted can feel even stronger attack
  • This needs to be stopped completely
  • Remaints of implants, biochips: the physical part is remaining, lurker is using those
  • Many light workers experience headache
  • RM doing everything possible to remove this

From Q & A

Q: how can lurker affect anyone who’s conscious is very high?

A: until you’re an ascended master, there’s always some weakness that lurker can use to influence

Q: Situation in China?

A: Slightly better than 1 year ago, energetic situation is not very good

Q: Energetic situation in Australia and New Zealand?

A: 2 decades ago was good, now not very good, but better than during the pandemic



Please also refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes

From Q & A:

  • The stronger connection with your higher self, the more calm
  • Cloud ships more active because LF are doing a lot of activities
  • In Northen Korea, military activities increase because DF know cloud ships are LF ships
  • Taiwai is the better one energetically in geolocation, in terms of populated areas

Back to main program

  • The Earth when transit from 3D to 5D is still in physical matter, but supported by higher vibrational energy
  • All beings will be connected to their higher self, any being who do not want to connect will be disintegrated at central sun
  • At the beginning of final phase of convergence, the Source will have direct interfere with this sector of the universe
  • This is the goal since big bang, this moment is now, everything converge into now
  • RM will come into contact with selected light workers, this is the plan


12 November 2023


Realignment of energy, breath in white light, breath out white light etc.

Share dreams of last night:

  • In a Chinese hotel, saw wood table in shape of 8 sides, 8 people entered the room, one of them was Cobra, someone said: “the process has been started”, “we are in a very crucial time”, “we need to be very careful”
  • About contact dish: “there’s a change in the contact dish”, the details unknown.
  • Going outside and see its an awesome place out of the matrix, no dark force……,
  • Someone gave intel in the dream: “we try to go so far, bad guys who are doing bad things, but we couldn’t get through this lady” name came up sounds like “auslow myres”
  • Saw 4 numbers: 1117 before wake up
  • Cobra mentioned someone had a predition dream in Kyoto conference about the war in middle east. Some dreams can predict things.

Back to main program:

  • There will be drastic shift in human society, because human society structure is in a distorted way, it is the only such distorted society left in the Universe, so need to adjust;
  • It needs to collapse, the problem is the old attachment, people think that’s the way it should be, especially those who has strong financial attachments in this society i.e. oil company etc
  • DF wants to keep their business intact in the change, this is not going to happen
  • Social contracts will change, because of the energy changing
  • Before that, old system needs to collapse

Diagram of the collapse of metastable society (ommited here)

  • Now all buffer of the old system are used up, no back up!
  • LF said we cannot have a smooth transition, all need to collapse, DF knows too, so engineered covid lock down to prevent collapse of the financial system
  • When system collapse, it cannot be reversed, there will be a moment when it cannot continue anymore
  • Speaking about the collapse of social contract: the trust.
  • The trust in political system is getting less and less, when trust gets below certain threshold, it collapse.
  • People comply during covid, but inside their heart they resist, kundalini rises
  • Galactic central sun sends energy to enhance kundalini energy, at certain point it will explode, the revolution happens
  • The force of suppression and the rise of kundalini results in the revolution happening
  • Depends on the key people’s decision, there’s many possibility
  • A possibility: LF direct intervene on planet and surprise humanity, big arrest, and giving intel to humanity
  • LF can collapse the society at any time, but waiting for optimal moment, need to make sure all water, power, food distribution run as normal
  • At the Event, it is expect many people will freak out, because their belief falls
  • Planning 1-2 weeks martial law for the safety of people, it is similar to covid lock down.
  • There will be a provisional government, release of new technology, healing technology…… the intel released to humanity is the most important, the learning curve takes place during the two weeks
  • We the group here may be contacted by the LF
  • Sisterhood of the Roses groups need to meditate intensively to calm the situation
  • Event group will help transforming the society
  • No one is ready, it is a surprise for almost every body
  • But DF will be removed, life will be easier, but internal needs to be healed, and this may be challenging
  • It is challenging for the general public because everything they believed will collapse
  • DF want to create nuclearwar, but this will not happen, LF handles that
  • Very few military people wants war, only the top cabal, the psychopath want war
  • Underground bunkers are not safe anymore, so DF hide among the surface population, because they cannot survive in underground bunker anymore

Isreal war

  • It is good to do the 4 hourly meditation for peace, also every Sunday at 3pm UTC
  • LF is isolating the conflict in that area and overtime it will calm down
  • When Atlantic survivers came and started civilization in Isreal 12,000 years ago, the conflict between dark and light is from then

From Q & A:

  • Chiang Mai is the most powerful vortex in Thailand, some cave around this area lead to Agarthan in Northern Thailand, some caves are open, you can follow your internal guidance to visit and feel the energy
  • The light grid in Seatle, Vancouver around the water body is not perfect, you can start planting in flower of life pattern cintamani grids using gem grade stone.
  • Copying and reading the Heart Sutra is beneficial to connect to the higher self, but Cobra cannot comment on the purity of it.
  • After the Event, med bed will be released, the medical system will be upgraded drastically
  • We can use citamani grid to merge energy of different cities


Please refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes

  • Bitcoin: all bitcoin transactions are not annonymouse especially on windows based computer, except using quantum encrypted network, but no one on surface planet has access.
  • DF uses the human society as heat pump to enrich themselves, on the expense of humanity
  • Breaking point = financial system collapse
  • More supress financially = more kundalini awakening
  • LF’s plan change a little now because white hats collapsed in the process, over the liberation process opportunities are wasted; this is no longer tolorated
  • LF will have more direct interference, giving directions directly to individuals without intermediate
  • who attempt to stop the liberation process will be arrested and removed

St Germain

  • St Germain is the chief commander for liberation of the earth
  • He has created in 1775 collective account and over the centries has accumulated trillions of dollars to humanity
  • Cabal will intercept, confisticate, arrest and investigate why you have that money, if it is given into  your bank account now
  • Before the Event, use your own manifestation skill to bring abundance
  • In this universe, spiritual and physical abundance are for everyone to experience

Diamond planet picture (ommited here)

Buying happiness diagram (ommited here)



Please refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes

  • The moment of now is the power that you can change anything
  • DF cannot hijack your power of manifestation, it comes from your I AM Presence, it is the doorway through which you manifest, coming from spirit to the matter; this doorway of manifestation is the doorway of I AM Presence
  • Everything you say or feel create a ripple in the quantum field
  • Most people have confused thoughts/ chaotic quantum field around
  • If you have clear thoughts it can create clear quantum field

Intention + Action = Magic

3 steps of manifestation:

  • Decide (mental plane),
  • Advocate (emotional plane),
  • Action (physical plane)

For bigger things it takes longer

From Q & A:

  • [return of the light] is 75% accurate, it is an important book


Please refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes

  • Main thing to demanifest: contract with DF; we do contract revocation together 3 times
  • Techniques to ease manifestation: if you have a situation not resorted, it has influence in the quantum field
  • Decision is what you want, it is not equal to attachment, attachment is the energetic cord
  • “I will let go ……” and a new wave will appear


Now we will do the ritual under guidance of St Germain for abundance 

Everyone placed a silver or gold item/coin on the altar with icons of Master St. Germain

We are now invoking the presence of Master St. Germain to bring abundance to myself, my loved ones and to the humanity, so be it and so it is. We than visualize Master St Germain multiplies these silver and gold thousands and thousands of times, bringing abundance to ourselves, our loved ones and all humanity.

Then we repeated the invokation in the heart, when finished, everyone took their items back. These gold/silver items are the seed of wealth for personal keeping, that will bring abundance. 


Afternoon 12 November 2023

  • Light Mandala healing equipment introduction by Akmal
  • Star seed App introduction by a Chinese team


A galactic wave of divine light is approaching us, it will trigger transformation, it is going to completely transform all reality especially on this planet; it is time for us to start making individual connection with that energy, to transform individually then the planet

Meditation of Light

Our soul star chakra relates to our soul, our I AM presence; we will do a meditation to connect to that presence.

Close your eyes, watch your breath coming in and out.

×        Put your awareness in the middle of your chest

×        From your heart chakra, call upon the presence of your soul, sing the mantra “OM”

×        Shift your awareness to the soul star chakra 30cm above your head, imagine your higher self responding by singing mantra “OM”

×        Put your awareness back to your heart, and call your higher self with all your heart by singing mantra “OM”

×        Your higher self responds, put your consciousness in your soul chakra by singing mantra “OM”

×        Put your awareness back to your heart, and call your higher self with all your heart by singing mantra “OM”

×        Your higher self responds, put your consciousness in your soul chakra by singing mantra “OM”

×        Again, call with all your heart the presence of your soul by singing mantra “OM”

×        Your soul responds from the soul star chakra by singing mantra “OM”

×        Again, call your soul from your heart and sing mantra “OM”

×        Your soul responds by singing mantra “OM”

×        You and your soul are merging into one, you are your soul, I AM the Soul, confirm this by singing mantra “OM” 3 times

×        Stay in the silence, as the soul we are present in the silence

Slowly come back to your body, feel your surroundings, come back to now.

You can practice this meditation when you want to connect to your higher self, it is very subtle, high frequency, , your connection with your higher self will give you guidance in each situation.


ATVOR/Ascension Protocols

Much more advanced technologies have recently merged ATVOR + Mjolnir together

When we activate that light, LF will use Mjolnir to remove quantum and subquantum anomaly;

This technology is at 5%-7% capacity, because it will trigger the DF if higher capacity is used;

LF will adjust the intense of this technology on the surface of the planet

When ATVOR is fully activated to 100%, it can teleport your body to another location

The technology will be used to evacuate humanity during the polar shift

One aspect of it is to activate your light body

After ascension you will be travelling with your light body

Your light body is your own protection shield

Certain technology can activate light body to accelerate manifestation

This technology activates I AM Presence, which is the toroidal field looks like QFR with central star gate inside

The toroidal field of QFR is acting like light body, create harmonious scale around light body and activate kundalini

After ascension you will be trained to travel dimensions and to manifest

QFR is an external device to help activate light body

Our light body is connected with the mothership of Ashtar Command, this  ATVOR technology is from the group toroidal field of the beings of Ashtar Command creating the mothership, that mothership creates a pillar of light with high frequency to lift humanity

Before that it connect your I AM Presence


repeat 3 times:

"I call upon the pillar of brilliant white light,

to descend upon me and to form around me.   

I call upon the presence of the I Am That I Am.  

I ask the presence of the I Am That I Am,

to join and merge with me.”

Now visualize a pillar of blue light emanating from the sky from the mothership, breath in this presence of the mothership into your heart and call Ashtar Command silently in your heart, and when you breath out send that energy from your heart to the mothership, just keep breathing like that.

Slowly you are becoming aware of your physical body, the floor under you, you are here and now, and when ready, you can open your eyes.

Share by a light worker : while doing this meditation, she felt she was lifted into a mothership, also she saw many blue light pillars in the conference room

Daily protection protocol

×        May a bubble of light surround me

×        May its light shield and protect me from all negative energy

×        And so it is

×        Repeat 3 times

The light bubble is in sky-blue colour.

This meditation will activate ATVOR and Mjolnir together and begin to clear the quantum and subquantum anomaly around you. You can do many times a day.


Please refer to April 2023 Taipei ascension conference notes  and July 2023 Kyoto conference notes

  • More sisterhood of the goddess groups are needed
  • Goddess energy is the key to dissolve matrix programming
  • Close to the polar shift, it is most important to activate the goddess lay line


A group of sisters wearing white dress have done a goddess ceremony on the conference.

The conference ended with singing and dancing!


Posted: Tue 14 Nov 2023