Kyoto Ascension Conference

Kyoto Ascension Conference

Kyoto Ascension Conference Notes


Disclaimer: This is my interpretation of the information given by Cobra at Kyoto Conference, it is not the exact wordings of what Cobra said; some information has been omitted either because it’s duplicate of the previous conference, or because I wasn’t able to write fast enough and missed it.

These notes has been approved by Cobra. 


8 July 2023


Purpose of conference:

To empower us to prepare for the Event; to tell us not to wait passively for the Event; to give us more understanding of what is going on, deeper understand of the world around you; some of these information you will not see in the main stream media or alternative media.

To understand what is going on, you need to “unlearn what you have learnt”; almost 100% of what you have heard in the last 2000 years, in your current life and past lives are disinformation, this is how the Dark Forces keep humanity enslaved.


Some information to be released today are 1st time, some are public knowledge 4,000 years ago, some are knowledge in secret society 5,000 years ago, now it’s time to release to the public.

[image of different people trying to tell what an elephant is from their own perspective]

[image of where we are in our galaxy, the area we can see is in the yellow cirle, a very remote and small part of our galaxy, and there are millions of galaxies in our universe]

[image of Cobra flying outside of the earth, showing the Earth is not flat]

It’s time to unveil the veil; it’s time to crack the matrix.



All changes we are now seeing are because of energy beginning to enter planet Earth, these energy have two effects:

  1. Bring awakening;
  2. Bring purification to what’s been supressed, so we see end time craziness now, it won’t last forever, this madness will continue until the break through


New Cosmic Cycle

[image of a moving torus]                                                                         


QFR (Quantun Fluctuation Resonator) function: mimicking universe, purifying space time. Planet Earth is being used as a QFR to purify the universe. 

This continuous movement is leading to evolution; until now the torus(universe) is getting larger, right now it’s reaching its maximum, and is going to stop expanding and begin contracting, there will be a no time period when the Source can interfere directly into physical matter, a very powerful time, when the universe is at maximum expansion, it’s no breath, holding.


Law of physics in this Universe:

Theory by scientist: False Vacuum Theory --- meaning  our universe now has not reached a balanced state or equilibrium, when the expansion stopped, contraction begin, equilibrium will be reached. And this moment is reaching Earth.

All darkness needs to be cleared, this is why there’s so much drama in this planet.

In 1996, the Dark Forces chose Earth as their last defence; the Galactic Confederation was expecting the Dark Forces would choose Orion and release Earth in 1995, but the Dark Forces chose Earth and strengthen the control

During 2002-2003, Orion was liberated by the Light Forces. All dark beings were teleported to Earth, Earth is a focal point of transmutation of the Universe, what happen here decide the speed of revolution of the Universe.

Our universe is transforming into a bigger and more beautiful universe [I cannot find the image from internet]

Scientise measure all matters, and find that all matters are in a not stable, not unstable status, meaning they are about to change, it will be a quantum transition, we are making this transition.



This QLTV will explain how Galactic Central Sun (GCS) influence the Event

GSC influence solar system and the Sun, Sun influences the Earth, this energy influences the human society and lead to the Event.

When GCS’s activity influence Earth directly, it’s the end of the world

Now: in preparation

Cobra was given instruction by the Pleiadeans many years ago to build with their technology to assist this transition with technology acceptable by humanity: tachyon technology

Cobra explain what tachyon particle is and why planet Earth is not receiving it -  the Ionosphere around Earth absorb cosmic rays, Ionosphere absorb most cosmic rays that are relating to cancer, but the Dark Forces modify the Ionosphere with HAARP to heat it up so as to block tachyon from reaching earth surface.

Need more tachyon chamber now to build a network to bring harmony and healing to the population, they also will channel Event energy.

-          Tachyon chamber for tachyonising objects

-          Tachyonised cintamani stones


Kyoto: powerful area of Dragon Vortex (original dragon vortex) this is why it is chosen for this conference

Dragon family came here from China in Tang Dynasty, still living in Kyoto working behind the scene

Galactic Cintamani directly connects to GCS, it can clear quantum anomaly, it is the most powerful stone available now, and will also channel Event energy, when time is right Cobra will release the project about galactic cintamani

It is important now to bring in Goddess energy



[for this part please also read notes from April 2023 Taipei conference 2023 Taipei Ascension Conference IGAG Official Note Day 1 April 8th - 國際黃金時代團隊 (]

The Galaxy is a living being, it’s breathing, pulsating, has its own heart beat, each heartbeat is a high frequency enery from Galactic centre, each breath is 26,000 years, each time it pulsates, it sends a wave of energy, purifying the galaxy, it’s a mechanism to ensure balance of the whole galaxy

Physical aspects to this phenomenon: from scientific study of the other galaxy- poles reverse within only a few years, pulse always involves polarity resersal (N to S)

When winter solstice sun crosses Galactic equator, energy portal opens to let energy in all planets in our solar system

Every 12,000-13,000 years one huge impact, many species extinct- result of galactic pulses

In each Galactic pulse, strong wave hits all systems in the galaxy, influence our sun(used to be strong and stable), but when hit by the wave, it changes magnetic field of the sun, the sun becomes micro nova and send out strong flush of radiation of energy, the sun’s magnetic field influence all planets in solar system, also planet Earth and trigger magnetic field reversal.

The Earth’s magnetic pole shift is already happening, also weakening, the planes need to recalibrate to be able to navigate

In year 1859 the Carrington Event weakens the Earth’s magnetic field, it’s the first sign of the coming polar shift, it also triggered deep human society change, started the suppression of human emtion, the population became more mental than emotional.

Weak magnetic filed = less protection of the planet; solar storm can reach the surface of the planet, and volcanic , fire happen in more and more intensity; when magnetic field strength drop enough, magnetic polar shift happen fast, when MF drops to zero or very low, it triggers the physical polar shift, its all in a sudden that the crust do not drift together with the mantle plane = tsunami happens

Next solar maximum: 2025; in early July we had a few solar flair (X1 level), Sun spot so big can be seen last year with eyes, the sun is very active already 2 years before 2025

Last X5 solar flash was in 2003

Earth’s magnetic field is weaken enough that an X20 scale solar flash can trigger polar shift

Possibility of polar ship in 2025: 33%; in 2037: 35%; in 2049: 30%

When the sun begins micro nova cycle and is active, the earth magnetic field collapse, cosmic particles reach surface earth directly

Experience: 0.1 – 10% population survive in a polar shift

The sun is more active now than predicted

The Light Forces protecting solar system and earth before the flash, built Dyson sphere around Sun and Earth, without them and the light workers’ assistance, we would have had planetary cataclysm decades ago

Atlantic time Goddess Temple across the equator at that time are connected with motherships above, they stabilise the energy field of the planet

In the YDB field (I didn’t know what this is), lots of things stored from the space 13,000 years old during last polar ship/galactic pulse

The above info is being supressed, because the the Dark Forces don’t want people to know info about polar shift, but still this info is coming out (you can find the link of the book the Adam and Eve in Cobra’s previous posts)

In the Event, the Light Forces will release real info to the public.



From energetic perspective

No guarantee of anything from Cobra, only a guide line that can be available and release this time

Martin Armstrong’s study about the 309 year cycle of the western economy (he’s not part of the cabal network) predict timeline very similar to cobra’s prediction; he predicts the collapse of western civilization during fall of 2024(2024.676),

Astrology predicts resonance field in planet systems, each planet projects info into quantum field like a horoscope, these energy field influence everything in the society

2025 astrologically is an end and also a beginning; last time was 500 years ago but this time adding galactic and solar cycles

[cobra then talked about astrology……you can find in notes of last two conferences……] the influence totally changes the energy of the Earth

Energy in pluto in Aquatium = cannot supress truth anymore

Q & A:

*can do Goddess Vortex in chamber room if it is big enough

*Mt Fuji is the main entrance for Galactic Confederation in Japan

*AI is not danger, danger lies on its developer who determines its algorithm; the Dark Forces use it for control


Afternoon 8 July 2023


[image of no body in, no body out]

Q & A

*Taiwan and Japan are key area of planet with concentrated light workers and highest amount of cintamani grid, plan to trigger Event from Japan and Taiwan

*Light workers need to understand fight between LW are enforced by the Dark Forces; 99% conflicts are no meaning, no purpose. When fighting they are dark workers, so the key is to be aware of the highest purpose of the people you are fighting, stop fighting and come together

*Dragon family decided in defeating the west a few years ago, because the Dark Forces not paying money, western nation stole gold, so they decide to take power over the west by defeating them, certain dragon family from Kyoto participate and will bankrupt the west. Yesterday Russian TV announced gold backed currency, BRICK plan to announce this gold backed currency in August; NATO try to escalate world war to stop it; Light Forces & Goddess are doing whatever possible to maintain peace; unfortunately, dragon and Light Forces didn’t come to an agreement, Dragon families are fighting against each other

*Klaus Schwab and B.G. visited China and want their version of reset


What is anomaly?

Plank found the equation to describe quantum the smallest thing, and that is worshiped by the scientists, but they are wrong

Pleiadean: something smaller than plank length does exist and called subquantum anomaly (SQA) and affects the field.

Light Forces has technology to harmonize quantum field – the Mjolnir. A lot of Quantum Anomaly (QA) had been cleared already, problem is the SQA which cannot be detected and cleared directly; Light Forces use Mjolnir to clear quantum field and thus SQA also being cleared

SQA is not evil, it’s a field slow down and block the liberation process, like a thick fog or mud slow you down.

the Dark Forces use their technology to accumulate QA and SQA, after 1996 they brought as much as QA as they can to planet Earth, now huge amount of QA and SQA in Earth

SQA influence our energy field, our emotion, action; whenever enough of the SQA is  cleared, LF will receive message to trigger the Event

SQA is like the law of murphy

SQA is not just an empty anomaly, actually these were beings in the last cosmic cycle, when the cycle was ending the universe collapse and then the big bang, SQA survived that, those being in the last cycle had advanced technology to push their spirit into the SQA; during the big bang, those beings were traumatised, they were angry and ……, they had lost their individuality and merged as lurker, exiting in SQA; when clear the SQA, that being is cleared.

Lurker will be resolved; we are clearing the Dark Forces and darkness from the last cosmic cycle.

From human perspective it is too long; from cosmic perspective, it is extremely fast, because huge amount of QA is cleared in a short time, very challenging situations are resolved in the last 2 decades; for example, toplet bombs were just resolved in May this year which bordered the Light Forces for millions of years; so LF say it will happen soon from their perspective, but here to us time is like frozen, feels so long.

We are clearing 11 dimensions of the universe, as more and more QA is cleared, the universe looks more harmonized

We are expecting not just end time madness but also universe transition

We cannot see quantum field but it has huge impact in our life

When enough QA is cleared, life will feel lighter, more joyful, and shortly after that the Event will happen

But: nobody knows how much SQA exist, because nobody can see it (only measurement), it is not possible to determine how much it exists, so cannot say when the Event will happen, also the Light Forces cannot decide because of the amount of human freewill involved

Sometimes the Light Forces are surprised by human decision, they can predict 80% but 20% not able to predict;

for example, they failed to predict the Dark Forces used Earth and released Orion

the Light Forces were not expecting fightings between light workers

the Light Forces has limited understanding about what we go through

Some of the the Light Forces were traumatised in the galactic war and Earth liberation, so the Light Forces also has their traumas, same as light workers; both traumas of the Light Forces and light workers delay liberation, but still there’s progress, problems will be resolved.


Q & A

*Mt Fuji and Mt Shasta are primary locations for Galactic Confederation and primary anchor points for Astar Command

* most Limuria info are disinformation at this time

*Bit coin will be respected in New Quantum financial system, as well as non fraudulent commercial contract and bank deposits



In the beginning of June 2023 the Etheric dark network has collapsed after 25,000 years, nobody will be forced in incarnation from then, new borns made their choice which family to incarnate, based on availability of parents, suggestions from their spiritual guides if they were there to assist, and a lot of other things

Etheric implants are disintegrating very fast, practically non exist anymore, not influencing our consciousness now

Now it’s time for reactivation of planetary light grid, the Light Forces activate lay lines, Cobra will release project for reactivation when time is right

There are 3 main Japan lay lines, they will be activated in the near future

  1. Middle mountain
  2. West coast all through south to north
  3. East coast all through north to south

This conference is to activate, in Kyoto, the central part of lay line, also start activation of planetary lay lines for the whole planet from Kyoto

Now: intense purification of all planes on our planet

From Feb 2023: Causal plane

From march 2023: Mental plane

From April 2023: Astral plane

From June-July: Etheric plane – etheric matrix almost all gone

From July- august: Physical plane – focus on physical matrix

The physical matrix has many aspects keeping us in prison; built by the Dark Forces in Altantis 26,000 year ago;in the last 2 decades especially after 1996 the matrix was strengthened

Physical scalar matrix equilibrium  

Physical matrix uses direct energy weapon control against Light Workers and truethers; use HAARP; use biochip, 1st biochip made in WWII in concentration camp not so successful, then mass production in Siemens in 1945, then through vaccine programme by WHO, completed in 1970s, upgraded in 1996;

the Dark Forces want to put biochip advanced version in covid vaccine, but prevented by the Light Forces, so no biochip in covid vaccin

Since born everyone has an energy amoeba parasite attached to solar plexus areas

Cell phone release frequency to trigger low vibrational emotion, fear etc

The 3 main implants, the one above navel send pulse trigger fear

About human consciousness: When he has implant/biochip, when he is in a situation, he will deny the situation and go into programming, or he will experience emotional break down; when the implants are removed, he will be shocked in the situation, but will be able to process it.

Biochip must be removed before first contact can safely happen.


Island of light

To enter, need to go through adjustment process guided by Pleiadeans, very few will go through this process at the beginning



Our universe is not in balance now, it is in the last phase of purification before balance can be reestablished

New financial system and the data to release to humanity are all ready for the Event, just waiting for the right moment.

Day two: 9 July 2023



*A few people shared dreams of last night. Cobra said the connection between physical world and the Light Forces need to be strong. the Light Forces are working strongly on this connection; so people can get connection with their higher self; when there’s more connection, there’s less conflict and more harmony.


*the basic of the Event is fixed, but how it plays out we will see


Since Alpha timeline collapsed in 2018 it is clear that the society existing right now is going to collapse, this is irreversible at this time, no return, it is unavoidable; the Light Forces are trying to make this collapse as harmony as possible and the transition into the new society as smooth as possible.


We live in the final state of metastability and the end of many cycles now; gradual signs of collapse, then accelerated + avoid collapse, then collapse happen very quickly


Collapse weak points:

  1. Financial system
  2. Distribution chain (food, goods)
  3. State of human society as a whole, because cut off from the spiritual world, more and more people are selfish, leading to unfavourable equilibrium and then collapse the society

For example, how the Roman Empire collapse: we are going through events like Roman collapse; Roman Empire lasts 1,000 years, showing sign of collapse then collapsed fast, after collapse it needs 1,000 year to recover.

This time it is different, because the Light Forces are closer, we are breaking through, the collapse of the old society provides chance to build new society

Many possible timelines after collapse, please refer to the note of the last Taiwan conference 

2023 Taipei Ascension Conference IGAG Official Note Day 1 April 8th - 國際黃金時代團隊 (

people comply first, then pressure increase, people resist, when more pressure exist, people revolve against control


Other factors:

Increase activities of the Galactic Central Sun

Activity of the sun towards 25th solar maximum increase human kundalini, human tends to resist pressure; 75% social revolution take place in solar maximum


The Event is expected to be extremely chaotic, because there’s too much info to be processed by humanity. Covid situation was stressful, but lock downs gave valuable intel to the Light Forces how to proceed with Event operation.


Worldwide lock down 1-2 weeks when Event happens, it is important for key persons to go to work, not to freak out, to keep the society running, keep power supply going; for many people it is not easy to process those information.


First 1-2 weeks after the Event, the structure of the Dark Forces and how they control humanity will be released.


Concern of the the Light Forces:  people do not go to work. We have to keep society running.


Some places basic structure may collapse according to modelling, in that case military can provide assistance like delivery of food, electricity generator like that; but the problem is the change in military because some of the person will be removed during the Event operation


Also physical impact on people are strong, many people who cannot process these info need counselling, we can provide assistance, meeting people; We will go through our own process as well; it will be intense but also will be the final stress for the planet


Q & A

*AN conversion is linear, through all planes, energy flow from high to low dimension without going through star gates, info flow freely

* Soul an decide to incarnate in which ever gender; but when it comes through 6 dimension and split into two, it tends to have the same physical gender as its soul aspect

*Event support group supports …….; Sisterhood of the Roses group do meditations during the Event to anchor goddess energy to calm down the humanity so they can trust to go through the process



Q & A

*A lady has a belief that whenever she dress beautifully there’s something bad happen; Cobra said this is a program by the Dark Forces, suggested before dress beautifully do a protection

*Lurker is not spiritual enough to understand the oneness, in a fear state, so decided to hide into the SQA when the universe was under contraction in the last cosmic cycle


2 versions of reset

Reason for reset: Old system will collapse, it has inflated for 70 years; and it blocks manifestation for people

Galactic Light Force version: refer to past conference notes

the Dark Forces version is not intelligent, the Dark Forces tend to copy from the Light Forces and create from that their version, they even copy wordings;

It is easier if people have physical cash to manifest abundance; digital money is much harder to manifest physical abundance

Digital system is hackable, even if the Dark Forces successfully implement their digital system, the Light Forces will be able to switch it into LF’s system easily


the Light Forces will use western digital currency method, and eastern gold backed system, and add on quantum block chain network for the new financial system


Normal block chain connects to computers run on windows-based computers, over 98% BTC network is based on windows system (stolen by B Gates), there’s a backdoor in windows operational system, every windows computer is hacked and linked to NSA, almost all BTC network can be tracked, so not decentralized.

LF developed independent computer network based on quantum computer and is not hackable, because every time everyone did a change in the computer, the quantum status change


When the Event happens, Resistance Movement will release AI bug in computers all over the world which will take over all computers in 20 minutes; AI intelligence overpower all security systems in the planet.

Resistance Movement will hack central computers and transfer al into to the quantum computer system and start the new quantum financial system. All commercial business contracts will be respected, all money stolen by the cabal will be given to people after 2 weeks of the Event, when new society is stable enough, distribution chain and food supply are ok; most private debt will be erased, people start to receive abundance funds after the Event, advanced technologies will be distributed, the famous med beds as well, all these will take some time; LF strictly monitor the use of funds; when the society is stable, the information about polar shift will be released; island of light will begin to be built, only those pure enough can go in; there’s the underground base alternative plan but it has not be finalized yet.


At polar shift, motherships of Astar Command will appear physically and use ATVOR technology for excavation; it is up to individual’s free will to choose whether to be physically excavated by the ships; those choose to stay on the planet may die and be excavated from the astral plane; if you want to stay alive on the planet, stay 3-4,000 meters above sea level, the high tip of Himalaya will be safe, but Tibet will not be; islands of light will be protected, water won’t enter it, it will be like a submarine during the tsumani.


After that the Galactic abundance will open to humanity. Do not lose spiritual perspective when you have abundance.



Manifestation takes time and patience. For example, the Rothschilds began to manifest New World Order since 1776, many of their early generations did not see it, after more than 200 years they are getting there. They have the patience, we can do it too.


Intention + Action = Magic

Number one is make a decision of what you want, it needs to be specific, in details, then add your emotion, feeling it is there and real and how you interact with it, then take action; this is the cooperation of mental plane, emotional plane and physical plane, I am sure if you do it this way with patience, you will succeed.


the Dark Forces control people’s freewill that is why manifestation on this planet is so slow, so we need to cancel contract with the Dark Forces.


Contract Revocation (repeat 3 times):

In the name of I Am That I Am, in the name of the Divine Soul Presence that I Am, in the name of all ascended beings of light, in the name of the Galactic Confederation, in the name of the Galactic Centre, I decree and command to cancel and nullify all my past, present and future contracts and agreements made between any part of my being and the dark forces;

all these contracts and agreements and all their consequences are now completely erased from my reality;

I am now free, all the karma of my whole being is now erased as well, I am a free sovereign being of light, from now until eternity; So be it, and so it is; In light [speak of your name]”



Mechanism of how forgiveness work:

“I will let go …… “and that will collapse it into a new possible outcome --- when there’s chaotic, then drop the manifestation, retreat again into your energy field and start new; so not to engage in conflict with others, especially other light workers


Decree to resolve the conflicts between light workers:

“I decree and I command to release all conflict with other light workers” (repeat 3 times)

“I decide forgiveness” (3 times)

 Then visualize the violet flame transmute the conflict situation.

Power of forgiveness: di-manifestation

Whenever you forgive, you start a new manifestation cycle. You drop all creation you don’t need anymore and di-manifest anything you don’t need; for example cancle war in Russia, war in Syrius


Tips on manifestation:

Focus on small things you can handle, when this is harmonized, the whole big thing will be solved; for example, when we heal the dragon vortex in Kyoto, all dragon vortexes in Japan are being healed


If the vibe is wonko, don’t worry about the big problem yet, focus on the immediate small one; as you shift into the next cycle, cleaning the smaller vibes will auto-correct the large one; this is the way of the cosmos, as above so below.

Cobra organised all of us attending the conference to do a manifestation for abundance for ourselves and the humanity, using gold and silver, invoking the presence of Mater Saint Germain.


9 July afternoon

GALACTIC WAVE OF LOVE- a galactic wave of love is approaching us

Q&A answers

*Phoenix race is not a branch of the Dragon race; it is a race with a strong connection to the central sun

When enough anomaly is removed, Galactic wave of love will be felt, the Event will be smoother, our connection with our higher self will be stronger, we now reinforce our connection with our higher self using:



This meditation connects our 7th and 8th chakra, so as to reinforce the connection with our higher self, and bring the energy into the heart, the purpose is to reinforce connection with our higher self and this will make our next 1 year’s transition more easy


Breath in brilliant white light, breath out brilliant white light, visualize a very powerful sphere of light 20 cm above the head at the soul star chakra, full of brilliant white light, sing mantra OM from the crown chakra to the soul star chakra, then sing mantra OM from the soul star chakra to crown chakra, repeat this 9 times;


This is calling your higher self, and your higher self answering you


This connection helps to return light to the Earth, it is a must to return as much light as possible to Earth.


Mid June to end of 2023, intense clearing of SQA, prepare for big change happen when Pluto re-enters Aquarius early next year; there are important astrological allignments during September October and November, this will reactivate Resistance Movement to become more actively on surface planet

Pluto in Aquarius energy:

20 June 2024 – 10 Nov 2024: may have sudden disclosure

11 Nov 2024: lead to first contact



Technology of a pillar of light descend from the mothership harmonizing every field of you, and lift viberation. Cobra is cooperating with Ashtar Command to develop Mjolnir for individual to remove disharmony in our energy field


New Advanced version of ATVOR:

Repeat 3 times to invoke the light pillar “I call upon the pillar of pure white light to descend upon me and to form around me, I call upon the presence of the I Am That I Am, I ask the presence of the I Am That I Am to join and merge with me.”

Then breath in pure white light into your heart, at the same time silently call Ashtar Command; as your exhale breath out the white light to all direction around you.


Next level of ATVOR: activation of our light body; our higher self fully activate in our physical body at ascension

The ascension vortex (shape of QFR with activated torus field around heart chakra) use light body to travel in space, we will be trained after ascension to use light body.

The 1st wave of ascension happens at mothership of Ashtar Command during ascension process, transmute physical presence into light.


Cobra encourage us to share the feelings of this meditation:

One participant was invited to a spaceship and saw the inside and beings all in white; Cobra told us it is time more and more direct connections with Ashtar Command will happen.



This will help in the coming months and lift your …. there (didn't hear clearly)

Breath in rainbow colour light into your heart chakra, breath out rainbow colour light from your heart into your surroundings, by doing this you begin to realize you’re surrounded by a rainbow body of light, this is your casual body;

Sing mantra “Om Ma Ni Padme Hum” a few times to activate your causual body;

You can expand your causual body to cover your loved ones or situations to heal them



One of the most important aspects of the change is return of the goddess. The mesclun and feminine energy has been unbalance in the last 5,000 years, this needs to be corrected for the human society to start functioning in harmony again.

The Galactic Central Sun becomes more active and impulse more, it activates our Sun and the Sun activates feminine energy more.

The energy of beauty is needed badly. the Dark Force promote ugly art in the last 100 years, ugly music in the last decades, ugly applications the last few years.

Bring beauty through art, music, dance, beautifying bodies, express beauty of faminine body, bring energy back in human society.

New renaissance cycle brings feminine beauty energy back

Sisterhood of the Roses (SOTR) groups bring goddess energy back to earth; SOTR group started since the Atlantis, ancient Egypt.

After Venus transit in 2012, SOTR group was activated again; about 5 years ago 500 groups were created, now only less than 100 active group remaining; the Light Forces has communicated the need of active SOTR group again to strength that goddess energy.

Cobra asked all active SOTR group leaders to go to the stage and initiated them.

Goddess Temples need to be rebuilt, ancient temples left in Europe and US are zero, some are still in India China and Japan, Cobra suggests adding our temples to the list of goddess temples website:


With the strong Galactic Central Sun energy coming in, the matrix will not exit, it will disintegrate.


Protection Meditation (repeat 3 times):

may a bubble of light surround me, may its light shield and protect me from all negative energy, and so it is.

Colour of light sphere: blue

Finally, for more information about who Cobra is and what information he/she has provided, please check it out from:


Posted: Wed 12 Jul 2023