At Infinity Garden, we acknowledge our souls are immortal eternal beings of light; by following the guidance of our soul - I AM Presence, we can live the fullness of life in harmony and abundance. 

To help achieve the highest purpose of our life, we offer advanced healing technology and healing modalities, as well as providing information about the plan of our planet so as to prepare people physically and spiritually for the amazing changes coming in the very near future.

Every moment, we are living a harmonious life and lift the vibration of our planet. Making and using naturally fermented enzyme is an affordable lifestyle that can help purifying our planet, as well as ourselves. 

Advanced healing technology that helps with the healing of our multidimensional bodies and strengthen the connection with our higher-self. [Read more]

Tachyonized products brings harmony and protection, helps to improve the quality of life. page under construction, please check again later. [shopping]

Sisterhood of the Roses meditation group supports the transition of our planet by anchoring Devine feminine energy through meditations. [Read more]

Devine feminine energy is brought in here and you can experience it through meditation, arts, music and dance, it nurtures hearts and balance lifes. [Read more]

The EVENT refers to a series of events happen when there's a breakthrough in both the non-physical plane and the physical plane in our planet, it's the doorway to the new Atlantis- heaven on earth.[Read more]

Some time after the EVENT, when humanity are ready, the official first contact with benevolent galactic beings will be arranged. [Read more]

The first wave of ascension will happen at the same time of the planetary evacuation when the Earth is going through physical polar shift and tsunami. [Read more]

After going through the big transition, the polar shift, mother Gaia will be purified and ready to welcome those who are prepared to build the New Atlantis. 

Amazyme eco enzyme revitalizes the growth of beneficial bacteria and microorganism by providing life force to them, thus reestablish the balance of the eco system, both for the inner and outer world. [read more]