Phoenix Ascension Conference

Phoenix Ascension Conference

Phoenix Ascension Conference notes

These notes are selectively taken by AlaLia at the conference, and excluding most of the information which has been conveyed in the previous conferences. They are not word-by-word records of what the presenter had said, and are not 100% accurate. They are written down for my own memory and for your reference, and had not been sent to the presenter for approval. Please also refer to other people’s notes when they become available.


  • This location is chosen not by coincidence, it is a special vortex for this conference, this is to trigger the transformation of the planet, we as a group are here to trigger this transformation.
  • The notes taken at the conference can be shared with anyone open to receive this information, but not to push to those who are not.
  • Purpose of this conference: to prepare the surface population to be ready for the Event, the liberation of the planet and Victory of the Light!
  • 3D transit to 5D means: physical reality change (talked about the law of physics in 3D world is different from in 5D, we are still having physical body, but the law of physics is different), consciousness change, and society change
  • we are very close to the convergence point


About USA:

  • We are in a country to bring the quantum leap;  through St Germain’s New Atlantis plan to reactivate the light in this planet
  • In the 1770’s, 9 Sister’s lodge; St Germain and Benjamin Frankfurt create framework of New Atlantis,
  • Need to activate the grid of old Atlantis to prepare earth for transformation
  • St Germain funds has 40-50 trillion dollars, these funds are blocked by cabal; it will be released to humanity
  • Role of St Germain and Ashtar- said before
  • A few years ago St Germain instructed C to prepare the light grid for New Atlantis, grid project (C shows the phoenix 5 layer FOL grid just done before announcement of the conference):

Cintamani project  --- Patrick in US team speaks about cintamani project

  • The conference location is chosen to be the centre of vortex in Phoenix (Goddess vortex)
  • We have not much time left, need to hurry up that will determin how the transformation will be


Galactic Cintamani

  • Who carries GCM will be serving as energy transmitter for others during the Event
  • Recently began GCM project
  • Bury along old equator to stabilize planet when polar shift happens
  • Will bring goddess energy to surface of planet


Tachyon chamber

  • Bring tachyon energy to surface of planet
  • DF block tachyon and cosmic rays, tachyon particle cannot enter


Q and A

Q: Is 1st contact with Pleiadeans sexual contact?

A: 1st contact is a gradual process, interact with different races. There could be sexual energy exchange, but not a must.

Q: Where did you get the data about the change from, is it from channeling?

A: No. from scientific data


  • Whole area of phoenix zoo is the  goddess energy vortex; south of Tempe is ascension vortex
  • New age movement was very positive, it brought a lot of awakening. DF infiltrated and manipulate it since 2000.
  • Arcangel Michael is a very positive being
  • Older equator (refer to the equator before the last pole shift) connects to the energy before earth quarantine
  • After the Event some will be taken off planet where more efficient healing is possible
  • Arcangel Metatron is a very positive being of light
  • Moon is a natural object, it is put into this orbit by advanced race, in its interior there are many underground basis; Arcturians(大角星人) are building strongholds on the far side of moon for liberation of planet
  • Event and liberation time changed a few times, because of freewill involved, also LF has responsibility to this – LF’s fear
    • C said to overcome fear you need to face it, LF is the same they need to face it and learn from it, not to just have many meetings, need to take action


Afternoon of 3 Feb

  • Don’t rely too much on electronic devices, because of increase of solar activity, some functions/apps are affected
  • Many motherships are coming into solar system this week
  • Basis (听不清是什么基地)are finishing building
  • This week and next week intense activity in solar system
  • There’s no perfect plan to prepare for the Event, just act, when it happens there may be no time to prepare
  • Dyson sphere is harmonising the energy coming in, LF intervene to prevent premature pole shift

Q &A

  • Qestion by Pat: When we bury cintamani stones in the ground, it anchors an angelic being to the planet, so if holders of the cintamani stones hold the stone and pray or send blessing to the planet and to humanity, will the cintamani angels hear those prayers, and will the blessings be sent directly to the energy light grid of the planet?

    A: Precisely.

    Pat’s insight ( This part is added after the conference):

    I am really hoping that this is understood by many people, because that direct contact with the stones and actually sending the blessings and praying all these things are very potenet ways to work with the cintamani grid, and I think this is desparately needed right now, it’s what my intuition tells me, because this is one of the basic reasons why we created the grid, because my intuition tells me the cintamani stones act as physical anchors, so they allow these angelic beings to operate in the physical plane in the way they could not operate before this grid was set up, now everything is in place, these stones are dropped on all the  continents, they are in the oceans, they are in the sacred caves, and now they can really have a profound effect on this physical reality, but they still need us to initiate that because we have a direct connection to the surface situation since we are working and living and breathing in the surface and interacting with the surface population.

  • Tatarian information- some are true some are not true
  • How to build your own discernment – connect to your higher self, use common sense
  • Are there 2 Trump, 2 Biden  - only know about one
  • After pass away – recycle is still persist, etheric plane not completely cleared yet, but getting better
  • Energy in California  - will speak about it tomorrow, key for US and planet
  • How to fight Archon in physical plane – special forces deal with that, you just hold the light
  • Prerequisite for ascension – 1, connection with higher self; 2, own decision; 3, planet situation
  • Will carnivores (肉食者) continue to be carnivores after Event? – less and less desire to eat meat
  • DF try to crash western civilization but will not succeed, LF want to maintain and persist, St Germain’s project
  • Purpose of Christ: open heart of humanity, relate to goddess energy, it is most important in the next few years
  • Primary anomaly exists not only within quantum fluctuation, sub quantum anomaly (SQA) exists before time, the source is dealing with it, after the Event, it will be so small and will not affect our life
  • At the beginning of time, source projected itself into SQA, that part interact with SQA, because too much trauma, cannot resolve trauma and became evil
  • The last place lurker can hide is in energy field in people in surface population, lurking in the shadow of trauma, it is the real cause of cancer and disease right now
  • Lurker is lurking LF as well around planet surface; through fear to influence them; fear is the main problem, main blockage; take a step forward to face fear and gain experience is the key to reduce fear; LF and people tend to stay in their comfort zone, not facing the fear not facing the risk
  • he said if someone from the LF come to live in NY city he may not know how to survive;
  • C asked us to speak to LF ask LF to face their fear, one part is LF’s responsibility, they need to conquer their fear.  many people (about 30) spoke, some encourage LF to come and be with us, live our life and learn with us, do not be afraid. C said LF are watching our conference.
  • LF need to gain experience and face experience in this planet, and understand what is happening and know how to face it
  • Thankful that Galactic wave is coming and will finalize the situation, but LF is too afraid, not taking action

Q & A

  • Ascension has nothing to do with DNA, its about consciousness
  • What happened to those children who are saved, where did they go? – first to a safe place, second is off planet for healing; 1500 (or 15000 没听清)children rescued in Oct last year in Gaza
  • If a LW is associated with DF, how to transmute dark energy for that LW? – you cannot change them and their life pattern, just not to associate with them
  • My son has autism, is he a star seed?  - in some case it is true , but not all


Physical scalar matrix

  • Your cellphone are individual scalar net work, when you use it, you’re connecting to dark scalar network, dark signal is being transmitted
  • Router can send real time 3D activity of the room
  • Other aspects: biochips, though not active, but still has subquantum anomaly
  • Weakest point – SQA can reach through the 3 implants(although removed), these 3 points need most protection, can use crystals, essential oils, etc


  • ET disclosure will happen anywhere, main reason not happening is fear. At certain moment energy will break the fear, this will completely destruct the cabal


  • Energy of pluto in aquarius will connect people individually and collectively;


  • Dragon live in caves? People aware of many tunnels now


  • Blue dragon has their own underground tunnel in China


  • It is a matter of time where and how this (disclosure) happens


  • Many country now send vehicle or satellite to the see the moon, because many things are happening on the moon


Q & A

  • Spaceship activated last month under the Spinx in Egypt
  • Elon mask is not in direct contact with LF, but not part of the DF


Announcement about Sedona chamber: need someone to be chamber guardian there

  • Sedona was a powerful vortex of light until 1996, because of DF


  • Tachyon chambers have very important role in activation of light in the planet, TC has a new level of healing after 20 Jan 2024


  • Purpose of tektite: anchor energy of star systems where it comes from to our planet, and connect population to that race, LF using tektite for this especially GCM to remove SQA and QA


  • Mjlnior – is a quantum cannon, send energy to transmute SQA


  • LF activate tektite in incremental quantum steps, stones get more and more powerful than few months ago, you may feel it


  • This is how the quarantine is getting desolved, because tektite is from another system, LF races use these tektites as anchoring points


  • Special Pleiadean forces involved in physical battles on the surface and underground, and in Event process


  • Active involvement: andromeda – local on ocean? And underground; Aldebaran- specially deal with draconian and black nobility because from the same star system


Before the end of the day, we all follow C to ask LF space craft to show up and let us see them



4 February

Share the experience of seeing space craft

  • One lady share: she had a download that she was a commander, saw multicolor stationed spaceship, she called her friend to see and her friend confirmed seeing it. She was confirmed she will be in the first ascension wave, and will take people off planet, she asked LF to take courage
  • Another one share: saw bright shing object and felt theys are spaceships confirming they are here
  • Another one share: he found a news mention in a TV channel about seeing space craft posted one hour after yesterday’s conference

Q & A:

  • Ascension vortex in Tempe; Goddess vortex in Zoo
  • Q: What can we do in Sedona since it is taken over by DF? – A:  NY similar situation; 7 main vortexes in Sedona and many secondary vortexes – need purification, can have LW group there and anchor pure intension, open pure spiritual healing centre in Sedona
  • Q: If I have $1000 set aside, shall I buy one large stone or multiple smaller stones to bury? A: depends on situation of vortexes, cannot answer this question without specific place
  • Q: what happened in Maoi? A: Direct Energy Weapon


Planetary Reset

  • Collapse of metastable society is 2 sides of a coin: - old systems has to collapse; but it needs to be a guided collapse of the old, rebirth of the new
  • Critical point is when kundalini energy and suppression is the same strong, collapse happen
  • STOR needs to start meditate and bring energy of peace and harmony
  • DF will release “civil war” movie to distract population and let people manifest it
  • STOR needs to increase its activity, the goddess energy is the most important energy right now, bring the focus of PEACE
  • It’s time for the most awaken ones to detox from digital life, not to be completely offline, but need a balance
  • If you use physical cash, you accelerate your physical abundance
  • If DF introduce Central Banking System (digital), they will find out their system is not working and be taken over by something else – LF controls this
  • Everyone needs to prepare and get psychologically ready when abundance comes, leave it to the guidance of your higher self, so as not to bring more problem


US’s importance moments in 2024:

First moment: Solar eclipse on 8 April

  • 8 April 2024, solar eclipse cross US and the track is very much covering the old equator goddess lay line
  • The eclipse is the moment all US citizens to decide the future
  • US citizens need to organize a mass meditation at the moment of eclipse to make this country to become New Atlantis again!
  • Suggest meditate along the eclipse line, will activate the energy of New Atlantis
  • Bury as many GCM as possible along this line
  • St Germain was unhappy for the last two decades because he wants US to be leader of the New Atlantis, this needs to be justified

Second important moment: election

  • US election is 2 weeks before Pluto re-enters Aquarius again
  • From RM: if election happens and is not hijacked, then Trump will win; Cabal will try to kill Trump and trigger civil war, if this happens LF has a surprise plan to carryout if necessary
  • Between election day and November is interesting
  • At time of election, LW need to meditate and invoke Goddess of Justice (forgot name)
  • If LW do their job and anchor their light in the future the whole planet will be much better
  • LF also need to do their work as well
  • Arizona has many bases and landings of spacecrafts, this info needs to be released


Q & A

  • A: Trump is a grey hat
  • Solar eclipse meditation: LW in Canada can meditate for Canada
  • Trump and Biden are real people
  • Mexico’s sun pyramid is closed because DF know people going there to activate it
  • Energy of Mt Shasta: the mountain itself is OK
  • Connect with your higher self then dissolve Primary anomaly
  • Denver airport: DF base cleared a few years ago; Under Denver: there’s a small city of light near Denver
  • Lemuria energy will be activated in Asia sub continent and Pacific region


California and Arizona

  • LF plan: trigger activation of age of aquarius in California, so since WWII souls are born in purpose to activate California
  • Los Angeles activated a few centries ago by lady Mari (didn’t hear clearly)
  • When Ashtar command entered solar system, Ashtar command anchored energy in Santa Monica + airforce base?
  • This is the main anchor point for ascension of the planet
  • San Fransisco: merge of kundalini, anchor the ?? since WWII
  • Mt Shasta
  • These 3 main vortexes are prepared for planet ascension since WWII
  • In 1955? Or 1995? Because of the LWs living in these area, it is very close to planetary breakthrough
  • 1st location of Archon invation in 1996 was in LA area, to supress the ascension vortex
  • LF back up plan is to trigger Age of Aquarius from Arizona
  • Arizona : Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona,  souls incarnated
  • Those souls are not yet activated, some had entered RM
  • The attack in 1996 was so intense , almost collapsed the vortexes
  • In 2019 LF started to reactivate vortexes, Dragon family in China town in San Fransisco was involved; the conflict in California cause death of many people; Michael Achine?(someone bad) Suicide in Dec 2023; Since then LF decide to re-activate California


  • Souls will be re-activated at 8 April
  • Need STOR in Tucson, Sedona, Phoenix; need an activated T Chamber in Sedona
  • LF is preparing both California and Arizona for age of Aquarius and activating ascension vortexes
  • Pay attention to Arizona and California in the next few months
  • 2019 collapse made Covid possible (didn’t understand what kind of collapse), together with wrong decisions of LW in other area in the world.
  • Now is the key moment for LW in Arizona and California to anchor the light


Something else:

  • Special military operation: Aldebaran: mothership in solar system, many on far side of moon, not visible from telescope
  • A few hours ago they removed most of the remaining dark portion on the far side of the moon
  • In a few weeks, Aldebaran fleet will be in low earth orbit, closer to surface , some on the sea bed and underground
  • Interesting things will happen
  • Aldebaran has experience with Draco race, at Event Aldebaran knows how to deal with Draco
  • Andromeda will deal with black nobility family because  they are from the same star system
  • Solar system has been declared special zone, now the sole purpose here is to liberate planet earth, travellers from other places are not allowed in, it is under strict command of St Germain


  • Key for manifestation is never give up, repeat and repeat
  • Our strength is our connection with the light
  • As progress into the future, light will win, this is quantum physics
  • We have our free will, decision-invokation-act; repeat, never give up
  • Cancel soul contract with free will
  • Main blockage to manifestation is SQA and QA
  • If too much QA interfere with manifestation, just drop it completely and start a new cycle again

(example at the conference: C manifest this conference, first time too many blockage, he released it, let go, and start again; another example later at the conference: C asks us to form 2 circles, but it was chaos, he then asked us all to return to our seats and start again with a new plan and it worked out very well)

Q & A

  • Myanmar vortex: not purified and not activated
  • There are divine masculine vortex in US, but will only get ready when the time is right
  • Q: Russian has cooperated with Pleiadean before, are they now cooperating with Aldebaran? A: Not with Pleiadean anymore, and not connect with Aldebaran
  • Aldebaran not connecting with surface population yet, except sending a few message to calm down surface population
  • Q: what’s the plan for lake Bukavu? A: a lot has been done, vortexes now expended beyond lake Bukavu to Africa
  • Romania vortex: some activated to a degree, SOTR need to join and meditate
  • Florida: better now
  • Around spring equinox is Jesus’s birthday
  • Ukrain: DF and LF fight there, nobody is winning yet, 30% possibility it will end in a few months
  • Reason for Myanmar’s situation: many incarnated reptilian in there so a lot of human trafficking

In the Wealth and abundance ceremony, we invoked St Germain to bring wealth and abundance to ourself, our loved ones and the humanity. Everyone joined.


Galactic wave of love

  • Arizona is the key place the Galactic wave of light enters
  • Arizona has a long history of Pleiadean presence, Pleiadean are active in Arizona repairing the ground work
  • Phoenix and Sedona are main key place to trigger change in our planet


Meditation of Light

  • Connect with soul star chakra
  • Connection between us and our higher self is the most important for planet liveration


ATVOR / Ascension Protocols

  • LF increasing intensity of ATVOR
  • ATVOR pillar of light sent out from mothership
  • Each of us has an individual pillar of light around us all the time associated with that platform
  • A few being of light operate that platform and sending healing and helping our life situation

But, lurker influence; and other human being turn away from light into the dark; so LF wish to help but cannot be efficient enough

  • ATVOR is more effective when you are away from the population, as little human close by as possible, best go to the nature so LF can help better
  • Part of yourself not healed and that part can be triggered by lurker and reduce healing efficiency
  • ATVOR : universal of star gate, photo of torsion field, shape of QFR, middle is a null zone
  • ascension has two aspects: spiritual aspect- spiritual awakening; technical aspect – raise your frequency
  • Ashtar command is an alliance with both ascended masters and non ascended beings helping planetary liberation
  • St Germain coordinate different cosmic species in this planetary liberation operation
  • Spaceship will intensely expand in their presence
  • ATVOR ray is become the 14th ray in future Ray initiation
  • Hold ATVOR crystal when you do ATVOR meditation
  • ATVOR: can use white light or blue light

Q & A

  • Achorn looks like snake, spider, insects & whatever in non physical form
  • Cure cancer: find balance between western and eastern medical, and purify energy as good as possible


Goddess ceremony

The organizer of this conference sent out invitations to all women who signed up for the conference. We were able to form 4 circles of 12 priestesses in each circle, with two priestess holding vase of white roses and water bowl for each circle, and two priestesses in the support group, altogether 58 participants.

At the same time of the ceremony, Indian team in India, Chinese team in China and Paris SOTR group are doing the same ceremony, creating a resonance of goddess energy through the whole planet.

Two days after the conference, when I visited Phoenix zoo again, the intensity of the goddess energy is still there, it is so strong that it softens my whole being, I can clearly feel the goddess presence.

Goddess wants peace, and peace it shall be!







Posted: Wed 07 Feb 2024