First eco enzyme DIY workshop


For every one coming to meditation tomorrow night at Oratia and interested in learning how to make their own Eco-Enzyme for home use. Please note the below.

Enzyme DIY workshop

Sally is going to have a 20-minute workshop for making eco enzyme tomorrow evening after the Sisterhood of the Roses meditation at 146 Parker Road Oratia. You are welcome to join. If you can, please bring with you:

◦ a container with a lid, ideally not glass bottles as it can break out during the fermentation

◦ some fresh kitchen green waste like fruit peels, vegetable waste

◦ Some raw or brown cane sugar or coconut sugar (approx 1/3 of the weight of the kitchen green waste)

The kitchen waste and sugar will need to fit into the container you are bringing. If you have a 5 litre container this would be good to have 1kg of kitchen waste and 300gm of sugar. - Will then be filled up with 3litres of water.

You can bring an extra container/ empty bottle to take home some ready to use enzyme liquid. A gold coin koha is appreciated.

Eco Enzyme is both a great planet friendly cleaner plus helps to condition soil and water for gardening. And to heal the earth from built up chemicals 

[more about eco enzyme]

Posted: Sun 03 Sep 2023